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Find the collectables you’ve been searching for at Omar’s in Vernon BC

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Some things are hot and then they are not. We have been through the ups and downs of collecting and know the industry as well as anyone.

We have extensive product knowledge in a variety of items and are here to help you.

From sports cards (hockey, baseball, basketball), single cards and sets, to many other memorabilia items such as flags, stickers patches and knives, we have it all!

We also carry non-sports cards too, including Pokémon to name the big one. We have comics, Hot Wheels, and coins as well.

The Best Sports Cards, Memorabilia and More All in One Place 

At Omar’s, we love the most popular trending franchises, whether that’s Star Wars, The Simpsons, or something else! We are always collecting. 

We carry the supplies to keep your treasured items safe and in order, including plastic sleeves, top loaders, paper covers and boxes.

Omar’s also carries lock blades, throwing knives, batons, and swords. We have everything from vintage to new age Kit Rae to Coldsteel, and Kabar too.


3404 31st Avenue
Vernon, BC V1T 7L3

Phone: (250) 503-5501


Tuesday - Thursday
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